Dragon Ally Lesser

Conjuration (Calling)
Level: Sorcerer/
wizard 5
Components: V, XP
Ca sting Time: 10
Ra nge: Close (25 ft.
plus 5 ft./2 levels)
Ef fect: One called
dragon of 15 HD
or less
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

You feel some of your lifeforce being pulled
from you in the casting of the spell. A
large dragon lands nearby. “You wish to
discuss something?” it asks, eying your

This spell calls a dragon. You can
ask the dragon to perform one task
in exchange for a payment from you.
Tasks might range from the simple
(fl y us across the chasm, help us fi ght
a battle) to the complex (spy on our
enemies, protect us on our foray into
the dungeon). You must be able to communicate
with the dragon to bargain
for its services.

The summoned dragon requires payment
for its services, which takes the
form of coins, gems, or other precious
objects the dragon can add to its hoard.
This payment must be made before the
dragon agrees to perform any services.
The bargaining takes at least 1 round,
so any actions by the creature begin in
the round after it arrives.

Tasks requiring up to 1 minute per
caster level require a payment of 50 gp
per HD of the called dragon. For a task
requiring up to 1 hour per caster level,
the creature requires a payment of
250 gp per HD. Long-term tasks (those
requiring up to 1 day per caster level)
require a payment of 500 gp per HD.
Especially hazardous tasks require
a greater gift, up to twice the given
amount. A dragon never accepts less
than the indicated amount, even for a
nonhazardous task.

At the end of its task, or when the
duration bargained for elapses, the
creature returns to the place it was
called from (after reporting back to
you, if appropriate and possible).
XP Cost: 100 XP.

Special: Sorcerers cast this spell at +1
caster level.