Dragonheart Tomb

Dragons are not immortal. Each dragon must die, or else seek undeath. When a truly powerful and ancient dragon dies, the cavern in which its bones have come to rest might be imbued with the power of its death. The air becomes chill and clammy, all vegetation withers away, and the darkness within threatens to swallow the light. Two individuals a year, simultaneously or separately may absorb some of the areas potent necromantic power enhancing all spells within the school of Necromancy. These places are highly sought by Necromancers, and the cultists of The Night Dragon. It is said there is no Dragonheart Tomb on Therafim that is not guarded -but not always by those that seek to keep its power within an order. There are those that will fight with their lives to ensure that no one obtains its power, and that it never falls into the hands of those who would want to use it. It is unknown how many Dragonheart Tombs there are, or just where they are-but as this world was made by and for the dragons, and that this world has seen the pass of several ages, it is sure there are more than one might believe.