Dread Vangor S Tome

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Kael, level 11 wolfen cleric/radiant servant
Ariel, level 11 human duskblade
Seren Arc, level 11 dragonblooded human sorcerer/initiate of the sevenfold veil
Roka, level 10 foxkin ranger/deepwood sniper
Damien Redd, level 9 raccoonfolk barbarian/swashbuckler/rogue
Sentrosi, level 13 human sorcerer
Eve White, level 11 changeling wizard/mage of the arcane order

6 kuo-toa whips (CR 4 each, CR 9 total)
kuo-toa leviathan (CR 15)
lich, Dread Vangor (based on level 12 human wizard, CR 14 total)

Damien: 5,786 xp
Roka: 4,572 xp
Ariel, Seren, Kael, and Eve: 3,536 xp for each
Sentrosi: 2,090 xp


  • 9,322 gp for each
  • Any one magic item worth 5,000 gp or less.
  • The Grimoire Oscura (paragon quest item for Sentrosi, exact effects to be determined)

Quest Summary:
As the party was going through Avalon City one day, they spied a poor porcupine beastfolk girl crying on the curbside. Talking to her revealed that her village of otterkin (she was adopted when they found her in the woods) had been dominated by a tribe of kuo-toa and their lich master, Dread Vangor. The party teleported to the village, where a tower and smoke-spewing factory had been set up. Infiltrating the tower by scaling its walls, the party did mighty battle with the kuo-toa and their leviathan, and then finally faced Dread Vangor himself after they made sure to free the otterkin of the village. After a mighty battle, the party cleansed the vile lich from the Prime Material, and claimed the book of ultimate magical might he had in his possession, the Grimoire Oscura. After destroying the lich and his minions, the party then did all they could to help the otterfolk clean up their land and get food and shelter until they could handle things for themselves in their little fishing village once more.

XP and REP awarded by Scathien