Drow Enclave

Quest Title: The Drow Enclave

DM Name: MalcolmWrynn

Seren, 5th, Human, Sorcerer
Kael, 6th, Beastfolk(Wolf), Cleric
Eve White, 6th, Changeling, Wizard(5)/Mage of the Arcane Order(1)
Tirzah Selah, 6th, Human, Bard
Ariel Seolla, 7th, Human, Duskblade

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Number, Creature/Trap/Encounter, CR

First Encounter: Spidery Doom
5x Medium Spiders, CR 1(5)
2x Large Spiders, CR 2(4)
1x Huge Spider, CR 5

Second Encounter: Priestess and bodyguard.
Drow Priestess, CR 6
Drow Rogue, CR 4

Third Encounter: Secret Room, Three Rogues.
3x Drow Rogue, CR 4

Fourth Encounter: Drow Leader(?)
Drow Fighter, CR 9

Seren: 3300 XP
Kael: 2900 XP
Eve: 2900 XP
Tirzah: 2900 XP
Ariel: 2300 XP

Character Name: Gold/Items, description/amount
Seren: 3,750 GP
Kael: 3,750 GP
Eve: 3,750 GP
Tirzah: 3,750 GP
Ariel: 3,750 GP

Items: +1 Bastard Sword(2,335 GP)
Ring of Protection +2(8,000 GP)
Amulet of Natural Armor +2(8,000 GP) <—- Kael claims this(Can't, already claimed)
Green Healing Staff(UNKNOWN YET. Working on it. ._.)
Ioun Stone(Clear Spindle, 4,000 GP)

Quest Summary:
The city guards got rather disturbed by stories of trouble, noises, and even a disappearance (of a favored blonde human coinlass who worked in the area..)..so they hired adventurers to fix the problem.

The adventurers found a secret door, leading to a series of chambers and passages. First they fought a series of monstrous spiders, then two rooms of drow, and finally the drow 'leader'…a hulking mountain of a man in double plate armor. The party narrowly avoided capture on two occasions, as sleeping poison took its toll on the party.

Ultimately, they found the harlot tied to the drow leader's bed, and Tirzah rescued her, taking her to safety. The chambers have been looted, and a few surviving drow prisoners were turned over to the guards, though -one- seems to have escaped. This may not be the last we hear of these drow insurgents..

XP awarded by Lisa