Drunken Foolishness

Quest Title: Drunken Foolishness

DM Name: Tbg

Galen, Level 5, Monk, Human, 5'8'' 170 lbs, Con 14, Fort Save +8
Aerybeth, Level 1 High Elven Paladin, 5'11 150lbs. Constitution 16 (Racial Max)
Sentrosi, Level 5, Sorcerer, Human, 6' 140lbs 20con
Serenity, Level 2, Wilder, Human, 5'2", about 115 lbs, Con 14
Abby, Lvl 5, Psion, halfling, 2'9, 38 lbs, Con 12
Belle, 11, Monk/Ardent, 110 lbs., 10 con

Note: this was mainly an RP based quest and did not have the tradition Challenges. That said:

Convinced a man through good diplomacy

Beat a large tauren in a drinking challenge (Belle beat the heck outta people and effectively ‘tied’ some guy in a fight. Never did get his name)

A very drunken brawl with some unpleasant thugs

Convince a very angry woman to give them the last peaces what they needed (and Galen wasn’t arrested for streaking)

Experience: (this is a set # despite levels as was all RP based)
Galen - 750
Aerybeth – 500 (had to leave for drunken fun but came in for 2nd half)
Sentrosi - 750
Serenity – 600 (didn’t participate in drunken fun but was for char reasons and lurked so got partial)
Abby - 750
Belle - 750

All earn 500gp.
Those who follow through with Challenge 1 MIGHT earn a good contact in Moric.

Quest Summary:
Note: this was a personal SL/quest for the char, Galen, to meet prereqs for a desired class.

The heroes stumbled across a man who’d just been robbed. He begged them the help him acquire more reagents for his master and they were needed by morning. The first obstacle they handled well, with diplomacy. As payment, they agreed to return to him regularly for several months to share stories. He did nothing to ensure this, just taking them at their word.

The next place was Vorlen’s Bar (see write up on Avalon).

Belle quickly separated from the group to happily loose herself in the free-for-all. There were few who could even slow her down. She did not do well at holding her liquor and became VERY drunk, very fast. Of course she still participated in the brawling. Eventually she came across someone who was a challenge. The two fought each other to a bloody pulp and near unconsciousness (not that they could really feel their pain due to alcohol numbness).

Meanwhile, the rest party (sans Serenity who couldn’t handle the place) stayed on task. Abby, despite being the smallest, showed a remarkable tolerance to the strong drink; early on at least. They ended up in a drinking competition with a large beastman/Taurus. Going into it tipsy got him to agree though it made it harder to win. But prevail they did. Of course, by the end they were all completely hammered.

Thankfully Serenity was sober (it worked out well for them) and was able to lead the drunken (and a badly bruised Belle, though she couldn’t tell how bad off she was) crew to the next place. Where they encountered some very rude, slimy and unpleasant fellows. The PCs started a small brawl, and eventually scared off the rest. Belle’s wounds got the best of her finally and needed healing. The bruised bartender (a victim of a power gone drunkenly awry) was happy to see them go, directing them to find the last person they needed to find.

Arriving at an all women bar, it was definitely pleasant. Though in order to obtain the last reagents, they needed to entertain a very large woman. Her entertainment turned out to be wanting Galen to strip down. However, it wasn’t exactly what they expected. As soon as he was naked he was kicked out of the bar…which happened to be across the street from a Watch station. However, thanks to Sentrosi & some rather oblivious guards, Galen managed to avoid being chased and arrested.

With reagents in hand, they returned successful if somewhat drunk/hungover. It turned out, the man who had been robbed needed it to mix a perfect hangover cure. (He quickly ran off before letting anyone throttle him.)