Eater Of The Dead

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Sentrosi, level 5 human sorcerer
Serenity, level 2 human wilder
Agbjorg, level 1 beastfolk barbarian
Aerybeth, level 1 high elf paladin
Colt, level 4 beastfolk fighter

2 advanced elven skeletons (CR 4 each, CR 6 total -,_Awakened_Skeleton_Melee_Rogue_CR4 and,_Awakened_Skeleton_Ranged_Rogue_CR4 for stats)
1 Maggot of Anu (CR 4 - for stats, except Neutral Evil in alignment and given damage to the sonic attack)

Agbjorg, Aerybeth, Serenity: 810 xp for each
Colt: 720 xp
Sentrosi: 650 xp

960 gp for each
1 masterwork elven weapon or light armor of player's choice (but not both).

Quest Summary:
In Avalon City, there are a variety of places where each race has carved out a little niche for itself, all part of making Avalon City the largest, most tolerant, and most diverse city on Therafim. But with tolerance comes the opportunity for evil to sink in…and it seems that the same saboteur who tried to release acid sharks in the water supply, and rust monsters in the dwarven Master Forge is at it again! This time, the unknown entity released a Maggot of Anu in the depths of the central tree-building of Avalon City's main elftown. The creature had animated two of the nastiest criminals of elven past, who joined in helping it try to carve through the tree. But the party arrived in the nick of time, plowing through the skeletal elves, and then hacking the Maggot to a pulpy mass before it could devour the tap root of the elven tree…or any of the party!