Elder of Madness Part 1

DM: Dallys

Belle, Level 6 Human Monk/Ardent
Kara'Nydraess Level 8 Human Dragonheart Mage
Tammuz Level 12 Human Warlock/Cleric
Yuria, Level 10 Elan Psion
Olivia, Level 10 Changeling Psion Uncarnate
Julietta, Level 10 Human Barbarian

1) 2 Advanced Minotaurs (CR 6), 1 Power Leech Trap (CR 7)
2) 1 Illithid (CR 8), 3 Advanced Gargoyles (CR 6)
3) The Elder Madness Puzzle (CR 15)
4) 1 Ulitharid (CR 12), 2 Illithids (CR 8)
5) 2 Shadow Flayers (CR 8)
6) 2 Thoon Soldiers (CR 8)
7) 1 Iron Golem (CR 13)

XP Awarded
Belle: 12,150
Kara: 12,866
Yuria, Olivia, Julietta: 8041
Tammuz: 4825

18,650 Gold for each participant


The party, with the help of a local wizard, teleports deep into the underdark and fights their way through an Illithid lair, they solve the puzzle while fighting off the semi-conscious tentacles of an elder of madness in the Far Plane, and then decide to take out the rest of the fortress, freeing some lucky captives and ending the Illithid threat in that area of the Underdark, for now. Olivia recieved information on obtaning an artifact to use to keep the elder of madness from arriving in the Prime Material