Elementals and Dragons

Elemental and Dragons

DM Name:

Lucius, Level 6, Paladin, Beastfolk Fox
Fei Yen Wong, Level 6 Warblade, Human (Offworlder)
Hussam Arbouqa, Level 7, Wizard/Master Specialist, Human
Aliyah Haizea, level 6 sorcerer(air elemental), Small canine beast folk(fennec fox)
Damien Redd, Level 7, Swashbuckler/rogue, beastfolk(racoon)

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
1 Wizard CR 9
1 Juvenile red dragon CR 10
3 Huge Elementals CR 7

Lucius: 4140 xp
Fei Yen Wong: 4140 xp
Hussam Arbouqa: 3360 xp
Aliyah Haizea: 4140 xp
Damien Redd: 3360 xp

Character Name: Gold/Items, description/amount
Lucius: 5650 gold, Enough dragon scales to make a suit of heavy armour
Fei Yen Wong: 10,150 Gold
Hussam Arbouqa: 9550 gold 600 gp in magical ink to copy spells
Aliyah Haizea: 10150 gold
Damien Redd: 7500 gold, Heward's Handy Haversack, Hat of Disguise, Boots of Dragonstriding

Loot: 10150 gold each minus cost of items claimed
Golembane Scarab 1250 gold
Sandals of Sprinting 1150 gold
Scroll of True Seeing(D) 687.5 gold
Phylactery of Faithfulness 500 gold
Scroll of air Walk 350 gold
Brute Guantlets() 250 gold
Jumping Caltrops 125 gold
Scroll of Remove Paralysis(D) 75 gold
Dragon Mask 2000
Ring of Counterspells 2000
Armbands of might 2050 gold
500 gp worth of dragon's scales.
2650 gold Spellbook: 1st: Hail of Stone, Expedious Retreat, Featherfall, Color Spray, Ray of Enfeeblement, Floating Disk, Comprehend Languages, Detect Secret Doors 2nd: Whispering Wind, Blur, Flaming Sphere, Touch of Idiocy 3rd: Greater Magic Weapon, Vampiric Touch, Phantom Steed, Dispel Magic 4th: Mass Enlarge Person, Enervation, Phantasmal Killer, Charm Monster 5th: Dominate Person, Teleport

Quest Summary:
The party had been casually relaxing in the Arcadia when a huge air elemental swept them all of their feet in a furious whirlwind. It immediately calmed down and spoke to Aliyah. Sensing the air elemental blood within her that was growing more potent it had mistaken her for one of its own. It pleaded for her assistance in saving another air elemental who was bound against its will in a tortorous device. The party filed into a carriage that the elemental had desposited roughly in front of the inn as it tore its way into town earlier and it took off carrying the carriage, party inside, flying across the countryside at 12mph. When they finally reached their destination among the dragonrend mountain range of the shatterlands the elemental was stopped hard by the magic of the device and the carriage was launched from its grasp towards the Red dragon that had been bespelled by the gnome wizard in charge of the device. The party escaped from the carriage before it crashed into the dragon and shattered to pieces thanks to Hussam's magics. The gnome wizard confronted them with a maniacal laugh and explained his plan. He had bound 4 elementals to a platinum machine and intended to use the device to take control of every dragon within 100 miles. After flying over, poking his head at the device, and recklessly pulling a few components loose Damien caused it to explode in a massive burst of acid cold fire and electricity that caused the wizard to perish but left the evasive rogue unharmed. It also freed the 4 elementals who had been driven into a berserk frenzy by the magic of the device.

As the elementals swooped in kael, who had been transformed into a baby bronze dragon to save him from his wounds finished off the red dragon with a cute and ferocious bite. Luckily the allied air elemental who had brought them all in managed to calm the berserk air elemental who had been imprisoned within the device and the both of them assisted the party in stopping the other 3 rampaging elementals. Both air elementals declared Aliyah one of their own and Lucius recieved a divine revelation from bahamut telling him to take the dragon's scales for his own.

EXP awarded by Jennibear