Eligor, Dragon's Slayer

A champion both against and for evil dragons, Eligor grants martial prowess both in and out of the saddle, as well as supernatural strength.

Legend: Supposedly, Eligor was a great half-elf dragonslayer before he was condemned to a vestige’s existence by the actions of Tiamat. Believers of this legend claim that after Eligor’s death, Tiamat sent her draconic minions against the followers of both the human and the elven deities, demanding that they release his soul to her. Despite Eligor’s great service to both races, the deities gave up his soul to stave off the dragon attacks against their living followers. Only one deity argued against this profound injustice. The race and gender of this lone voice of reason differ with the teller, and not even binder scholars agree on whether the deity was human or elf, or even male or female. Whoever it was, this god set off alone to face Tiamat and wrest Eligor’s soul from her grasp. Upon arrival, however, the deity found Eligor in the service of Tiamat rather than in bondage. Unbeknownst to the other gods, Tiamat had raised him from death to be her champion and enforcer, using his abandonment by the other gods to win his loyalty. Eligor and the nameless deity fought, and Eligor lost his life yet again. This time, no deity laid claim to his soul, since doing so had already caused enough trouble.

Manifestation: Eligor clatters out of nothingness on a winged, half-horse/half-dragon monstrosity. Both rider and mount are heavily armored, and in fact Eligor’s form is entirely obscured by ornate, shining plate armor and a grand helm. He carries a lance in one hand and holds a banner in the other. With each manifestation, Eligor’s banner and mount change color, cycling through the five different colors of chromatic dragons. Although Eligor rides what might well be an evil creature, he always greets his summoner warmly and treats him with respect.

Sign: One of your hands becomes thickly scaled. The color of the scales matches the color of Eligor’s mount at the time of his summoning.

Influence: You feel pity for all outcasts, particularly halfelves and half-orcs, and you make every effort to befriend any such beings you meet. Because Eligor desires revenge on the deities who abandoned him, he requires that you attack a human, elf, or dragon foe in preference to all others whenever you enter combat.

Granted Abilities: In his first life, Eligor was a skilled horseman, and in his second, he served the primary deity of Chromatic dragons. Thus, the powers he grants tend to reflect those associations.

Chromatic Strike: As a free action, you can charge a melee attack (or melee touch attack) with acid, cold, electricity, or fire. Your next melee attack deals an extra 1d6 points of damage of the chosen energy type. You can charge a single melee attack only once.

Eligor’s Skill in the Saddle: You gain the benefi ts of the Ride-By Attack and Spirited Charge feats.

Eligor’s Strength: You gain a +4 bonus to Strength.

Eligor’s Resilience: You gain a +3 enhancement bonus to natural armor. This bonus improves to +4 at 16th level and to +5 at 20th level.

Heavy Armor Proficiency: You are proficient with heavy armor.