Emerald Way

A long strip of shops that deal only with the elite of the city. It is here within these shops that the grandest handmade home furnishings, clothing, jewels, furs, and even food can be found.

Elegantly dressed shopkeepers in this area are a far different breed then in other places. They do not haggle their prices, their goods far to expensive and in too high of a demand for such silliness. They also carry themselves in a quiet manner, appalled at the thought of standing in front of their shops and begging customers to come in to sample their goods.

The air is heavy with wonderful smells, exotic foods too pricey for other areas wafting throughout the courtyard that sits in the middle of the shops. The courtyard designed to be a place for shopping customers to rest their weary legs and wallets while having a world renowned chef cook for them.

Unlike other strings of shops, there are no banners of bright colors, these buildings built of solid wood or stones with wooden shingles hanging from the sides of each building in a uniformed look.