Equipment and Items:

Items are approved to be bought from several sources currently, however there are plans to expand this list as appropriate and it is possible to request items from outside of these sources. Anything not from these sources will have to be applied for, thank you.

Please also remember when purchasing items to list them on your sheet properly, deduct the appropriate gold from your reserves and make sure to have admin permission to buy anything magical regardless of cost, or anything mundane valued over 500gp.

House Rules:

Magic Item Limitation

Please be aware that while we do not stringently follow an ECW system, we do have a system in place to limit the power of an item a character may use as any level up to sixteenth, as listed in the link above. While remaining within this limitation for single items, it is possible for an adventurer to amass an amount of wealth as great as he or she is able to carry and/or store.

Fully Approved Sources for Items:

  • Dungeon Master's Guide and Dungeon Master's Guide II [DMG / DMG II]
  • Magic Item Compendium [MiC] - this site lists the functions of many magic items.
  • Players Handbook and Players Handbook II [PHB / PHB II]
  • All equipment from the official SRD Equipment Page

Other Available Items:
We have a wide range of items available to be purchased with plans to expand this list as the game progresses. If you wish to purchase something not on this list or in any of the 'Fully Approved Sources' above, then you are welcome to apply for it to be added to the list.

Magic Items of Therafim

This area is for player-made magic items. Please check with the ops for balance issues and REP awards before posting.

Useful Items

This is where players may list items, whether magical or non, that they think are useful to adventurers, and why they think this. A good place to post things that you think will help other players of the game.

Banned Items/Enhancements

This list is subject to change, check back frequently

  • Animated Shields