Eurynome, Mother of the Material

Eurynome grants lordship over the water and the beasts of land, seas, and air. She also gives those with whom she binds some of the might of titans.

Legend: Stories say that before recorded time, the gods and titans battled on the Outer Planes. Tired of the struggle, the titan Eurynome fl ed to the roiling chaos that made up the Material Plane. She divided the world into sky and sea, and then she danced alone upon the waves. Incensed by her impertinence in meddling with a world as yet unformed, the gods struck Eurynome down. Angered by her abandonment of their fight, her fellow titans refused to come to her aid. Eurynome’s body became the first island, her blood became the first river, and her soul became a vestige.

Special Requirement: Eurynome hates Amon for some unknown reason and will not answer your call if you are already bound to him.

Manifestation: If Eurynome’s myth is true, she has fallen far since battling gods and shaping the deeps and the firmament. Eurynome manifests as a horrid conglomeration of humanoid, avian, and piscine forms. Her arms are octopus tentacles, her legs are those of a hawk, and her mouth is an owl’s beak. Wings shaped like great fish fins extend from her back, and she has no eyes—only lampreylike mouths where her visual orbs should be.

Sign: Your skin becomes clammy, and you leave moist prints on any object your body touches, even if clothing blocks direct contact. These marks evaporate after about 1 minute.

Influence: Eurynome’s influence makes you paranoid and ungrateful; you see secret motives and possible betrayals behind every action. Eurynome requires that you not attack a foe unless an ally has already done so. If no allies are present, she makes no such requirement.

Granted Abilities: Eurynome grants you the ability to befriend animals, walk on water, and wield a massive hammer. In addition, she turns your blood into poison and gives you resistance to weapon blows.

Animal Friend: All animals automatically have an initial attitude of friendly toward you.

Damage Reduction: You gain damage reduction 2/lawful.

Eurynome’s Maul: As a swift action, you can summon a Large magic warhammer (2d6 damage, ×3 crit). You are proficient with this weapon and can wield it in one hand without penalty. Your warhammer’s exact bonus and abilities depend on your effective binder level, according to the following table.

Effective Binder Level Warhammer Summoned
10th or lower +1 warhammer
11th–14th +1 anarchic warhammer
15th–18th +1 anarchic adamantine warhammer
19th or higher +3 anarchic adamantine warhammer

The warhammer disappears (until you summon it again) if it leaves your grasp for more than 1 round.

Poison Blood: While you are bound to Eurynome, your blood becomes poisonous. Any creature that ingests it (by either making a bite attack against you or swallowing you whole) must immediately make a successful Fortitude save or take 1d6 points of damage. After 1 minute, the creature must make another Fortitude save at the same DC or take another 1d6 points of damage per three effective binder levels you possess (maximum 5d6). Each bite attack (or each round that you remain in the creature’s gullet) poisons the creature anew, forcing a new round of saving throws. Your poison blood becomes inert 1 minute after leaving your body.

Water Dancing: At will, you can move on liquid as if it were firm ground. This ability functions like the water walk spell, except that it affects only you.