Evil shadow soul sucking tree rats

Evil shadow soul sucking tree rats

DM Name:

Name, Level, Race, Class
Lina Dia`Lucrii, Level 1, beastfolk (small catfolk), rogue
Lena Dia`Lucrii, Level 1, beastfolk (small catfolk), rogue
Miyako, Level 3, Human, Rogue
Kael, Level 3, Cleric
Ayla Varia, Level 3, Human, Rogue/Swashbuckler (Dropped after first encounter, only got payed for 9 skiurid)
Lord Stanford Mordeval, Level 2, Changeling(Passes for human), Sorcerer(Abyssal bloodline)

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Number, Creature/Trap/Encounter, CR
9, Skiurid, Cr 1/2
12, skiurid, Cr 1/2
10, Tiny Animated Objects, Cr 1/2

Character Name: Experience
Lina Dia`Lucrii: 775
Lena Dia`Lucrii: 775
Miyako: 775
Kael: 775
Ayla Varia: 225
Lord Stanford Mordeval: 775

Character Name: Gold/Items, description/amount
Lina Dia`Lucrii: 813.6
Lena Dia`Lucrii: 813.6
Miyako: 813.6
Kael: 813.6
Ayla Varia: 360
Lord Stanford Mordeval: 813.6

Gold sources:
Value of Scrap looted: 568
Per Skiurid vanquished: 200 * 19 = 3800

Quest Summary:
The Avalon guard was having trouble with a strange infestation in an abandoned building in the city. What they called "Evil darkness soul sucking squirrels" were ambushing passersby from the building and draining the life out of them. The adventurers were hired to clear the squirrels out.

when they arrived Kael got right up to the building and half the squirrels launched their attack covering the streets in darkness that slowly sapped the parties strength whenever they passed through it.

After Kael bravely moved into the building and suffered the effects of two more of the zones the catfolk twins decided they'd had enough and lit the building on fire, prompting kael to flee back the way he'd come. This also prompted the Skiurid to flee the building and after a brief clash where the heroes favoured ranged weapons rather than face the chilling darkness they managed to take all but 2 of the evil squirrels from the plane of shadow down.

They'd heard some strange movements in the building as it burned down, but found no signs of whatever had been the source other than some melted slag of valuables. The guard was not pleased with the adventurers burning down the house, and only rewarded them for the skiurid they defeated. They took the melted slag from the building and sold it to supplement their reward though.

The building itself it seemed, had a very small rift just big enough for a squirrel to pass through connecting the house to the plane of shadow. What the story behind this rift was will probably never be known now that the building burnt down.

XP awarded by Ibis