Extend Range

Level: Lurk 1, psychic warrior 1
Display: Visual
Manifesting Time: 1 swift action
Range: Touch
Target: One thrown or ranged weapon
Duration: 1 round/level
Power Points: 1

Your ranged weapon leaves energy trails that propel it unerringly through the air. When using a ranged or thrown weapon, you can empower the weapon to provide a telekinetic thrust so that it travels farther with greater accuracy. When manifesting extend range, you can double the range increment of a weapon you hold. If used on a thrown weapon, the weapon itself is affected by the power. If used on a ranged weapon that uses ammunition, the ammunition is not affected, but the weapon (such as a crossbow) is energized by your psionic impulse.

Augment: For every 4 additional power points you spend, you can increase the base range increment of the weapon by another 100 percent
For example, if you spend a total of 5 power points, you can triple the range increment of a weapon. For a total of 9 power points, you can quadruple the range increment.