Faces Of The Dead

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Kytas, level 1 elven crusader
Dahlia, level 1 human paladin
Crank, level 6 warforged monk
Krugash, level 1 gray orc druid
Alexian, level 1 avariel duskblade
Kayrel, level 3 catfolk cleric
Faelia, level 1 elven ranger

6 anguillians (CR 2 each, CR 7 total)

For Crank: 386 xp
For all others: 515 xp for each

560 gp for each

Quest Summary:
For several months, sailors passing near a reef have been abducted from their ships. Days later, driftwood boxes float up on shore with their faces in them, the eyes stuffed with uneven pearls. The party went to find the cause of this trouble on a boat, the air heavy with storm clouds, rain flecking their faces…only to have their ship boarded by a host of angullian cultists! Battling off the wicked creatures, they found an altar to the Nightmare King on the reef, and were able to put an end to the kidnappings and sacrifices.