Family Interrupted

Family Interrupted

DM Name: Tbg
Tialys, Level 3, Sorcereer, High elf
Ashran. Level one, Warblade, Half-elf
Lillith, 1, Duskblade, Human
Echo, Level3, Human, Fighter/Warblade
GAlen, Level 3, Monk, Human
Kiran, 4, Duskblade/Swordsage, Human
Nyx Argyris, 1, Cleric, Drow

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Encounter 1
• Dozen orcs

Encounter 2
• 6 orcs, 1 ogre

100 xp for handling the caravan…not well, but it was sort of an encounter

Tialys – 443 (had to leave after the caravan issue)
Ashran - 1018
Lillith – 543 (had to leave after caravan but before dealing w/ final enoucnter)
Echo - 1018
Galen - 1018
Kiran - 1068
Nyx Argyris – 600 (did not participate in final encounter)

Treasure (a total of 3k divided 6 ways)
500gp each

Quest Summary:
The runners accompanied a caravan out of the city to protect it from potential raiders. The caravaners were acting a little suspicious, but weren’t too forthcoming with the information. When orcs attack, the caravaners seemed surprised.

Afterwards, the heroes confronted and then attacked the caravaners for not revealing what they knew. It was stunning and the PCs dropped half of the caravaners in one or two actions, leaving the others to surrender. The PCs stalked off to track the orcs back.

Finding a small camp, they did some planning and attacked with a brutal and efficient plan. After dispatching the monsters, they gather up what loot they could and returned. One of the PCs found a strange note hidden in the stolen caravan’s goods. It seems that someone with good smuggling connections in Avalon was asking for reinforcement of thugs, fighters and assassins. The signatory was just the letter ‘J’.