Far North

Beyond the Hordelands, in the realm of the most bitter cold, is the Far North. Here, roving tribes of beastfolk dare to make their living, hunting and gathering, and sometimes raiding each other and the Hordelands for a living, or even points further south, such as the Bloodwit Delta, when possible. Only beastfolk and ice elves can survive up here for long, and those that do are a grim and forbidding folk indeed, mistrustful of outsiders or anyone that could take vital food and then vanish into the cold. Yet at the same time these groups are willing to share what they have, though they expect similar hospitality in return.

Major Races: Beastfolk (primarily wolf, bear, deer, and seal); ice elves.

Government: Tribal

Nation Alignment: Neutral

Major Cities:
Blood Rock: Most wolfen in Far North merely want to survive. Many of these groups migrate into southern lands when the weather gets especially bad, or the food too scarce. However, there are some tribes that regard fighting the hordelanders as more important than anything, a desperate, divine calling that they must fulfill, to protect all the lands south of Rimevast. Blood Rock is a single peak at the northernmost tip of the Waters of Strife where all wolfen who intend to take the vow to battle the hordelanders whenever possible go. There they stand on top of Blood Rock, from which the place gets its name, and howl to the moon. That done, all the wolfen living nearby also howl in unison, and the new initiate is accepted into the fellowship of the Blood Rock Pack, sharing blood with every wolfen there in a bonding ritual. This community is willing to accept others into its cadre, though non-wolfen must prove themselves in battle first. Blood Rock itself is a small community, a staging ground where wolfen can meet, along with any allies that they might gather from other races, and plan out attacks on the Hordelands. It is also close to the migration path of herds of wandering caribou, and so food is gathered in plenty when the herds are nearby, and then saved for when they are not, with the rest of the community's food coming from whatever it can take from its hordelander foes.

Lightspire: Lightspire is a tall crystal tower on the edge of the Boreal Peaks, where it is dark for half of the year, surrounded by walls shaped from solid ice. This is the primary city of the ice elves, and their only permanent habitation in the forbidding wastes of Rimevast. Here the ice elves do their best to protect the magical energies of the Boreal Peaks from being exploited by the various evil groups and creatures that wish to harness them, having constructed the Lightspire and its surrounding dwelling places and fortifications to do all they can to keep off interlopers, while also sending occasional sorties into the depths of the Underdark, to strike what strategic blows they can against the creatures down there. The ice elves of Lightspire are devoted to a holy cause, and so tend to be more lawful-minded than many elves.