Changes to be aware of:

  • Discipline Focus added to address the issue of no 'focus' feats for Psions.
  • Eschew Materials in this setting allows no material components up to 250gp, increased from the standard 125gp in Therafim.
  • Heighten Metapsionics added to help balance out Psions with our full Psi/Mag transparency.
  • Psionic Meditation allows refocus of yourself and Psicrystal in the same move action if you have Psionic Containment also.
  • Rapid Metamagic in this setting is required if you wish to perform metamagic in less than a full round, as all casting here is spontaneous. Other options may exist.
  • Spell Focus / Greater Invocation Focus edit / added to allow for Warlocks to increase their DCs as well as other spellcasting types.
  • Toughness in this setting is Improved Toughness from Complete Warrior.
  • Versatile Spellcaster in this setting does not allow unlimited cantrips to count towards fueling it.

Other Available Feats:
Any published feats not on our blacklist, including from Dragon Magazine by request only. As the game is new we have not placed our eye on many things to blacklist yet, however that is liable to change as and when issues occur.

If you notice a feat from PHB isn't included it is likely for a reason.

Currently Blacklisted Feats:
Demonic Sneak Attack
Leadership Feats
Metamagic and Metapsionic cost reduction feats
Metamorphic Transfer
Able Learner