Fiery Assassins

Loki, Beguiler, 2, Ravenfolk, Illusionist/Trickster/Trapfinder
Faelia, Ranger, Level 1, Elf, Range
Westley, Cleric, 1, Human, Healer/Medic
Lina Dia`Lucrii, Rogue, 1, Small Catfolk, stealth trapfinder
Jack, Scout, Human, Level 3, Skirmisher

Salamander CR 3
Salamander CR 3

XP to all: 360
Gold to all: 480 gp per person

The group of adventurers are sent messages to meet a mysterious benefactor. However, upon arriving, they find that he and two guards have been butchered! Using some powers of intuition and tracking, they follow a trail to discover a breach in the walls of the city and two salamanders who were responsible for killing the guards and employer! Combat breaks out, during which they discover that a Pyroclastic dragon had brought them to Avalon!

They are rewarded by the city guard for their services to the city.

XP and REP awarded by da Hopey