DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Evelyn, level 2 Human Hexblade
Silk, level 4 catfolk monk (1/2 rewards - early dropout)
Tirzah, level 2 human bard
Raydair, level 5 human rogue/cleric
Voss, level 4 duergar beguiler

1 tripwire spike trap (CR 2)
2 Ethereal marauders (CR 3 each, CR 5 total)
1 ethereal filcher (CR 3)

Evelyn, Tirzah: 825 xp for each
Voss: 750 xp
Raydair: 688 xp
Silk: 375 xp

1,163 gp for each (583 gp for Silk)
Party were all kissed by a nymph, and are now considered feyfriends (good fey only).

Quest Summary:
As the party was making their way through the woods north of Avalon City, drenched to the bone in a pouring rain, they came across a weeping nymph (the same nymph from Kidnapped Nymph). This time her sprite companion had been stolen while she'd been inside of a glowing gem to give the two light through the dark woods. An ethereal filcher was the culprit, but the nymph didn't dare pass by the ethereal marauders sharing the lair. The party, however, was able to muscle their way through the obstacles in their path, and free the sprite, letting the nymph continue safely back to her home at last.