Finding Fifi

DM Name: Darkmask


Gahrah: Level 1 Orc Warblade
Miro Everglade: Level 1 Aasimar Bard
Four: Level 1 Changeling Sorcerer
Raethoriel Lithnae: Level 2 Elf Warlock


1) Sickening Sleep, CR 2
2) 6 Fiendish Dire Rats: CR 1/3 each
3) Wererat: CR 2


Gahrah: 450 EXP
Miro: 450 EXP
Four: 450 EXP
Raethoriel: 450 EXP


Gahrah: 675 GP
Miro: 675 GP
Four: 675 GP
Raethoriel: 675 GP

Quest Summary:

It appears a noblewoman's dear little darling pet "Fifi", who the party realizes from the horrific description is in reality a flesh hungrering Carcass Eater. Still, the woman would be paying well for their services, a bit eccentric, she preferred hiring adventuring parties for her little tasks as opposed to going to the guards. She last saw her darling Fifi sniffing around the sewers and was convinced she had gotten herself stuck down there. As such, the party, with a deep breath and soon to be ruined shoes, headed down into the muck do find 'Fifi' for her owner.

In the sewers itself they came across many horrible manifestations of danger and evil, once in the form of the condensation of magic gained sentience, an ooze, a Sickening Sleep that Raethoriel ended up walking right into before they were able to vanquish it. They also came across a hive of Dire Rats, and little did they know their leader was in fact not truly a rat, but a Wererat, eager to bolster its ranks with the unfortunate adventurers. Four's powerful magics soon put that threat to bed, and the party came across the Carcass Eater at least, a bit more docile than they expected, although it did give Gahrah a bite on the rear before it would allow itself to be returned to its eccentric owner.