Fireshield S Lament

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Belle Hibiki, level 13 human monk/ardent
Tonia Aldrecen, level 14 aasimar cleric/radiant servant
Kara`nydraess Nyatia, ECL 16 half-gold dragon dragonheart mage
Sentrosi, level 11 human celestial sorcerer
Olivia, level 14 changeling psion/psion uncarnate

5 noble salamanders (CR 10 each, CR 15 total)
1 flesh jelly (CR 19)
1 drakestone golem (CR 15)
1 dark wizard Saladreth (half-dragon lich, CR 18)

Sentrosi (treated as level 12): 18,720 xp
Belle: 14,040 xp
Tonia and Olivia: 10,920 xp for each
Kara: 6,080 xp


  • 45,600 gp for each.
  • Each party member can select any one magic item, or collection of magic items, worth 30,000 gp or below. This is a part of Saladreth's hoard, magic baubles and treasures collected over the years in his efforts to become more like a dragon.
  • Kara‘nydraess now has the wizard’s lair as her own. His dried heart acts as the key.
  • A box of bunnies for Sentrosi ("Not with my box of bunnies") - firebunnies, that is. He's now backed up by a hopping horde. Anybody else can have a firebunny if they want one as a pet. They're 4 intelligence critters, and can be petted, but light on fire when they feel threatened.
  • Ask Gideon if you didn't get a nifty made-up item, and want one. He likes figuring this stuff out. Also ask Gideon if you want a nifty backstory for an item that you get, based on the magic item limit above.

Quest Summary:
The party learned of the vile acts of Saladreth, a twisted wizard living on Scatter Mountain on the continent of Shatterlands who wanted to gain all the powers of dragons, and intended to do so through vivisection. He'd been capturing dragons unawares, turning them into spare parts for his experiments in a bunker-like fortress in the little village of Fireshield. Fireshield is a place protected from the lava of Scatter Mountain by a naturally-formed ridge of adamantine-reinforced lava rock, making fairly good arable land in the region. Presently the little village is the home of a variety of outcasts from other places, made of a variety of mixed bloods, who just want a place to live in peace. The party was shown a secret entrance into the lower parts of Saladreth's fortress by an old half-dragon woman who wanted revenge on the wizard for the death of her mother, who was made part of his dragonbone golems. They then had to fight their way past a ghastly flesh jelly, the leftovers of the wizard's many experiments, which almost engulfed many members of the party before they flushed it down the drain, so many lives now made into so much refuse. They then advanced into the kitchens and larders of the fortress, just beyond the lower entryway, which was the fortress' passage into the Underdark. Pressing past the kitchen, the party then did battle with some irate salamander chefs when a firebunny escaped, and the party decided to save them. Continuing onward, the party then met and faced Saladreth in his throne room, first shattering his drakestone golem, Belle ripping it right in half, and then facing him directly. Saladreth took on the form of a dracolich, the draconic form he'd been trying to perfect into a living dragon, only to fall victim to Kara‘nydraess as she plunged her claws into its chest, and tore out the wicked old wizard’s heart.