First Frost

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Colt, level 5 equitra fighter
Alieena Darkcast, level 7 half-elf wizard
Sira, level 5 human fighter
Galen, level 8 human monk/drunken master
Inara, level 7 human paladin
Kiran, level 7 swordsage

Frost giant and 2 winter wolves (CR 9 and 5 each, CR 10 total)

Colt, Sira: 1,500 xp for each
Alieena, Inara, Kiran: 1,050 xp for each
Galen: 800 xp

1,450 gp for each in the form of a variety of interesting works of art and large, uncut gems.

  • Lesser iron ward diamond (CR 3/- against up to 30 damage/day, 2,000 gp) - armor crystal.
  • 2 hideaway weapons (select type, can collapse down to two sizes smaller than normal for ease of concealment, 2,000 gp plus cost of masterwork weapon).
  • Greatreach bracers (2,000 gp, adds +10' to reach 3/day for 1 round).
  • Boots of the Battle Charger (2,000 gp, can charge as a standard action 2/day).
  • Gauntlets of Giantfelling (2,000 gp, 3/day adds damage to creatures larger than you; +1d6/size category, up to +3d6).

Quest Summary:
A fearful mother came to the party, begging for their help. Her daughters, as well as several others of the young people in outlying farmsteads, had been kidnapped by a terrible giant and his winter wolf pets. The party tracked down the brute to his lair, hefting the heavy portculis blocking entry, and then plowing right into his living quarters just as he was starting to cook the poor daughters of the farmwoman. After a mighty battle, in which only Alieena managed to emerge without injury (those wily elven wizards…), the party emerged triumphant, having saved all the peasant boys and girls held prisoner from a terrible fate…as well as being able to loot the giant's bag of its spoils!