For Love And Glory

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Kaellack, level 14 human rogue/swordsage/shadowlord
Olivia, level 14 changeling psion/psion uncarnate
Juli, level 10 human barbarian
Kara`nydraess Nyatia, ECL 12 dragonblood human fighter/sorcerer/dragonheart mage
Sentrosi, level 9 human sorcerer

3 beasts of Frenzy (beasts of Malar, CR 11 each, CR 14 total)
Duke Dukhast (Level 14 blackguard/fallen paladin)
4 level 8 drow fighters (CR 9 each, CR 13 total)

(Those under level 12 awarded xp as though they were level 12, to avoid too great disparity)
Kaellack, Olivia: 2,240 xp for each
Kara`nydraess, Juli, Sentrosi: 3,960 xp for each

9,400 gp for each
Each party member is allowed their choice of a ring or amulet (their choice) of Protection +2 (8,000 gp) or of Resistance +3 (9,000 gp) with a heart motif to it, to represent the love that they defended.

Quest Summary:
The party were contacted by Princess Andrastiel, of Brightland, who wanted them to save her stolen love from being forced to fight and die in the arena. Her evil uncle, Duke Dukhast, had tried to have her devoured by a minotaur, but instead they fell in love with each other. So the duke had the minotaur captured and sent to Shatterlands to be killed in the Great Arena. The party intervened, infiltrating the Arena, some fighting in the arena, while others defended the minotaur from other assassins. Finally, the party battled and killed the duke in the sands of the arena, just as people were starting to file out, and escaped in the confusion, freeing many other slaves in the process. They seemed to have, more or less, escaped being properly identified, but what repurcussions might result from this international incident remains to be seen.