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A sound plan, albeit I might have done it a bit differently -but as always YMMV and there's no right way to enchant a vorpal Reeses.

"Ya can hoot, ya can holla-make any noise ya like! But if ya cant chant, oh if ya cant chant, well…ya no cult o' mine!"
~Ishkokum Mes Mosof She'res~
"Congratulations, you can link to TV Tropes. This does not mean you have special insight into the storytelling process, much less the author's mind. Stories don't need to fit into neat boxes, you know.

Yep, the great and mighty Bahamut, the paragon of good dragons all across the cosmos, was originally a darn big fish.

Oh well, we can still work with this.

When I was reimagining Tiamat, I went back to her roots a little to dredge up some of that old stuff and put it into use. Naturally, in keeping with my idea of dualities as a part of the setting of Therafim, she had to have a male counterpart, her greatest lover as well as her greatest enemy, the father of the gods just as she was the mother. When I tried to do the same with Bahamut, I discovered he was the Arabic divine fish on which much of the weight of the cosmos rested. He's a holy fish of ginormous proportions, sure, but he's still a fish.

Aw, nuts with it, or so I thought to myself: Bahamut's been in pretty much every Final Fantasy, for goodness sake. He's as classic D&D as they come, too. And I've already got an idea for a serpent (Worm, actually) gnawing at the base of reality, just like in the Arabic cosmos (see for more on that), so what if I replace the fishy with a dragon instead. I've never really been that good with picking out cool names anyway, so Bahamut was as good as any, and you can't buy that kind of roleplaying lore anyway.

So, this is Therafim's version of Bahamut. He's not the same as Bahamut in most other settings, and some of his differences are pretty extreme, just the same as with Tiamat, his evil counterpart. But he's still recognizable as the king of good dragons, just like Tiamat is the queen of evil dragons, and they're both pretty hot stuff. I think I've done them proper justice, even while making changes to fit the setting more perfectly, and hope that the overall effect works for others.

Wait, he's a fish? by Gideon Kalve JarvisGideon Kalve Jarvis, 13 Oct 2012 00:32

Here we have another "problem deity." Tiamat, of course, is the name of an established D&D deity, and the reimagining of the Therafim Deities was an attempt to break away from the classic D&D pantheon, and start something quite new and different. So why in the world am I keeping Tiamat here? At the very least, I could change her name, like the Dragonlance setting did.

I did think about that long and hard before I shrugged my shoulders and just went with the name Tiamat, like the classical Babylonian goddess of primordial chaos. I tried to go back a little bit in describing her, as talks about the original, real-world mythology of Tiamat, identifying her as the mother of the draconic deities, just as Bahamut is the father. Still, she's got a long history in gaming, and as far as I know she's not a copyrighted creature either, and her gaming image and flavor fit fairly well into Therafim's setting without too much modification. A name is an important thing, so I didn't bother changing it, letting all that past stuff hang upon her as it always has, without trying to diminish her awesomeness.

Takhisis? by Gideon Kalve JarvisGideon Kalve Jarvis, 13 Oct 2012 00:22

Wasn't the point of making all these new deities a way to make Therafim a more unique setting? What the heck is Baba Yaga doing here?

That's a very good question, and I'm sure that I have a decent enough answer. The simple answer is, I've always loved Baba Yaga, and I just had to have her in the setting. Now for the longer answer. The stories about her are insanely awesome, and I love 'em all. Besides that, she's an established D&D character, from way back in the feature-length adventure module "The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga" in second edition. So, of course, I set about putting her into things, but, as I was tinkering with her, the name Baba Yaga just fit. Anything different cast a whole different sort of light on her, and also made it seem to me as though I was trying to one-up a legendary being. should give most readers enough information about Baba Yaga to give them a decent start on understanding her, and where her name came from. It was as I was reading over the etymology of her name that I realized the linguists had guesses that made sense, but, as in so many cases, really didn't know for certain quite where it came from. With that air of mystery about the name of Baba Yaga, I decided to keep it as it was without shame.

Baba Yaga almost made it into the Forbidden Gods, or maybe the Mortalborn Gods. After some thought, though, I realized that she really wasn't suitable for either category. The legendary creature Baba Yaga has been known to be genuinely helpful on occasion, and she certainly isn't interested in the annihilation of the world, or in any sort of twisted orgiastic rites. She's a cranky old woman who happens to also have some terrifyingly immense power. She's not Mortalborn, either, because she has way, way too much personality, and she's not terribly inclined to help out mortals much anyway, except at her whim. Demigod status fit her perfectly, so there it stays.

At first I hacked Frenzy because she had the same, or very nearly so, domains as both Matra and Tharizdun. But then I realized, after some consideration, that Frenzy fit perfectly into the Therafim setting. Tharizdun, on the other hand, did not. Before thinking about it, I had thought to keep Tharizdun, since he was essentially a D&D version of Cthulhu that avoided the copyright which was still extant when he was first introduced. Then I took a look around, and saw that the Nightmare King filled that role just fine for Therafim, while Frenzy filled a perfect little niche in opposition to Matra, just like the Nightmare King opposed Umnos. So, out went the elderdark horror. But not completely.

You see, I still had this odd god out, which was Apophis in the original lineup of deities, called Worm in his reimagined form. He was supposed to be the serpentfolk god, and sort of like Set was in the original Conan movie, an orgiastic and highly charismatic god of creatures untouched by light. Tharizdun fit that bill, surprisingly enough, but was far too "extroverted" about it, lacking subtlety in his methods of smash-and-grab divine power. Worm was a more subtle deity, a borderline entity that could almost be accepted into the family of the gods, if only he wasn't trying to corrupt all of reality like a worm gnawing at the base of a tree. I wanted to keep the Elder Elemental Eye, because of the monsters and adventures that were tied to him, which I felt could be run in Therafim, which I've always wanted to be a "limited" kitchen sink sort of campaign setting (no high-tech stuff, in other words, but most other things are allowed). So, how better to keep the Elder Elemental Eye in play than to have his power tossed off into the hinterworlds, and his essence remain a part of Worm, who was forced to be subtle since he'd lost the power to challenge gods directly? That's what I did, and all of the Forbidden Gods then fit neatly into their assigned places, having to rely on slow and craft means for the most part rather than direct conflict.

I made a new page for my human monk Balldanor. However, I'm not sure how to submit the character for approval so I can start to play. Is there anyone that can assist?

Balldanor-New Character by BalldanorBalldanor, 11 Jun 2012 17:49
Rep Spendage
ZhelenZhelen 31 May 2012 21:25
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Could I spend 20REP to get to lv 4 (20*3*50=3000)
giving him a total of 6001xp
And then another 20 to bring him to lv 5, (20*4*50=4000) and giving him 10kxp
I will then spend 201UP to earn 5*201=1005xp and 1005gp bringing my total to 11 006
Total Spending: 40REP

Total Earning: 8005xp

Rep Spendage by ZhelenZhelen, 31 May 2012 21:25

Thanks :P

by RavenLanceRavenLance, 26 May 2012 17:56

Sorry it took so long. Character approved for play.

by ZenithSolarZenithSolar, 24 May 2012 10:20
blackshade10blackshade10 28 Apr 2012 09:28
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Thanatos disappears with two of the lionesses.

Thanatos by blackshade10blackshade10, 28 Apr 2012 09:28

I'm fine with this class.

I'm Cool With This by IbisIbis, 20 Apr 2012 21:35
ZiyananiZiyanani 20 Apr 2012 01:25
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Refund the rep and such and delete the character on the list, there's no point in attempting to make anything unique and interesting with the current leadership of Therafim, Thank you Ibis for at least giving me hope that the ops aren't all terrible, even if the rest ruin it.

Panic, Chaos, Fear… My work here is done.

by ZiyananiZiyanani, 20 Apr 2012 01:25

A) I simply have no interest in arguing with you.

B) I abstained from the vote that removed you from the staff and voiced no opinion on it.

C) I have given you recommendations so that you can alter the character to better suit the setting. If I had no other interest but denying it because I disliked you, I would not do so, as that would be a waste of my and your time, and I've little interest in wasting either.

D) You're free to make an effort, work with me on this, or simply continue throwing insults at me. I promise you- the latter will get you nowhere productive. The former will.

Any further comments regarding your displeasure with me in this forum will not be answered. Productive work with the character will.


I love how you glossed over concerns that you aren't doing your job to continue to pound on the fact that in your opinion a neutral dragon wouldn't take pleasure with one particular species.. when dragons are rather known for creating all sorts of hybrids and your own 'dragon' character is a whore, is amusing. Your reason is as clear as your reason for removing my op, you don't like me, fine, admit it and stop pussyfooting around it. I knew when lisa suddenly changed the rules that no matter WHAT i did I'd be denied. I still tried, according tho the MM on the subject my history is as valid, if not more so, than the histories of most of the dragons running around. like i said though, logic and rationality arn't going to change your mind, and you'd deny any character I made regardless of its history being 'good enough'

Panic, Chaos, Fear… My work here is done.

You're free to leave and do whatever you want. In regards to this character, unless you can give me a more compelling story of "they met, they talked, they fucked, they went separate ways" or a more believable dragon species (Red, White, Black) that would mate with an evil drow, then this is denied.

Feel free to work on the character, and I will review any new story.

While I could point out you have no right to deny my character, you just simply don't like me, don't want an evil dragon in the setting ( thought he plan was never to leave her evil, my willingness to play 5 rep for the opportunity to say she's evil because she was drow, she knew nothing else and she had space to grow into her neutrality as she realized evil wasn't the only path was just that, a payment for rp moments.) and have had something against me nearly from the beginning, I'll bow to this because nothing I say is actually going to pull your head out of your ass. You are a terrible choice for an op, and sparing two most of the ops of Therafim don't know or care enough that they should have the positions, Me included. I stopped caring about when you were forced down my throat as an op choice and things have been steadily declining since then.. here's a thought, rather than denying character show about you do your job and work on the story of the place, at least one person has said the place feels dead, there's no overall story, no quests and I agree. The lack of story leadership has been a problem for a while, fine, we HAD two story ops now we have one and i never expect you to improve.. I've stayed for some of the people and those people no longer outweigh the frustration of having to deal with the leadership of the place. A channel si a family, in a way, and this one is one that no longer works, the ops removing the leader of the channel while he was sick was underhanded and wrong, The way Karrius was lied about was underhanded and wrong, the ops don't listen or understand the problems as they are all to busy with other games or with trying to hook their characters up with others. I may not leave immediately, but this is it, you have fun with your erp and quests based around your characters stroking off, great, I know when I go I can and will take several people with me, so I wish you the best of luck.

Panic, Chaos, Fear… My work here is done.

Yes, the MM2 alone it says that, but expanded knowledge upon them has the following:

"The most powerful of the neutral gem dragons, amethyst dragons are honorable, regal creatures. They inhabit the mountains of the northern islands, living on the shores of isolated lakes and pools. At birth, these dragons have lavender skin with fine, translucent-purple scales. These scales darken as the creature grows older, eventually reaching a sparkling lavender color."

As well as "Amethyst dragons approach mating in a very logical manner, seeking the optimum partner to produce the best offspring. Love and pleasure rarely, if ever, enter the equation."

I didn't mean to imply it fell in love with her, but I see no compelling reason it would be with her, or even help/not kill her after she attempted to fight him.

Amethyst dragons are neutral, not all dragons are honorable and good. And I quote from the MM2 here:

Amethyst dragons are wise and regal. They sometimes serve as intermediaries between warring dragons, or even humanoid civilizations.
An amethyst dragon has lavender skin and scales that are shaped like naturally formed mineral crystals. When it first hatches, its scales are a light, translucent purple shade. As it grows older, they gradually darken and take on a crystalline quality.
Most amethyst dragons live in hollowed-out spaces on the Elemental Plane of Earth. These caverns can consist of many passages and chambers resplendent with crystals of all colors.

Nowhere in that does it say they pick mates based off quality, no where does it say they are honorable, simply wise and regal like all dragons, and I never said they were in love merely that two sentient creatures had sex and the result was a child unwanted by the mother and that the father didn't know.

Panic, Chaos, Fear… My work here is done.

As the Amethyst species of dragons are mostly solitary, as well as honorable and straight forward, in addition to choosing mates solely based off the quality of the mate(for their own species no less), and I see no compelling reason as to why that Amethyst would fall for a Drow of all things randomly, the half-dragon template of Amethyst is denied from a story perspective and is not permitted for play.

PeradaPerada 18 Apr 2012 13:05
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Shen

Approved. 18, April, 2012

by PeradaPerada, 18 Apr 2012 13:05
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