DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Voss, level 1 duergar beguiler
Satin, level 4 kitty soulknife
Roka, level 5 foxkin ranger
Jasper, level 2 ratling scout
Kayrel, level 5 catfolk cloistered cleric

CR 2 acid trap
CR 3 scythe bone trap
Thoon Infiltrator (CR 5)
Kaorti Cleanser (psychic warrior, CR 7 total, avoided, half rewards)

Voss and Jasper: 1,020 xp for each
Satin: 920 xp
Roka and Kayrel: 850 xp for each

880 gp for each
Can select one of the following potions for services: invisibility, lesser restoration, resist energy (select one energy type) 10, or blur (300 gp each)
Roka and Satin are able to keep their present altered sex.

Quest Summary:
The party was called upon by "Fred," an illithid acquaintance of Satin who had fled from his Elder Brain, on account of his perversions, such as feeling lust and pleasure and sometimes even something close to love for his slaves. He directed the party towards a warehouse on the edge of the Goblin Market, where the Wheelwright Guild, one of the principle manufacturers of machinery in Avalon City, had been setting up shop and making strange shipments. Fred was able to sense the presence of his kind there, and grew suspicious. The illithid renegade then called in the party to investigate the warehouse, and find proof that the Wheelwrights were up to no good. The party investigated, and soon found a secret passage leading down into the bowels of a hideous lair made of still-living flesh. In that lair, they braved many terrible traps, and then faced the ghastly horror of creatures that had once been human, but had been converted into living machines for the twisted illithids and kaorti working together in the depths. They also had a ship that was able to move through space - it seems that there are plans for a full-scale invasion from the silver moon of Therafim in process, and the party stumbled upon them. Since the kaorti are making use of Wheelwright Guild resources, it can be possibly concluded that the kaorti and Wheelwrights are working together…or perhaps one faction has overcome the other. Regardless, the party now knows that there are forces bent on invasion of their planet in the too-near future.