From where power Comes

Quest Title (also the title of the page on which the quest is placed)

DM Name:

Eve, 11, Wizard, Changeling
Stan, 9, Wizard, Changeling

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
5 Nymphs (cr 7)
Eve: 500 XP
Stan: 1000 XP
Eve: Gained the power of the Rainbow waterfall
Stan: More dirty stories to tell at a pub then he will ever exaust.

Quest Summary:
eve had researched the Rainbow waterfall, having found one in the texts of the guilds currently unclaimed by any one… she with the aid of Stan went out in search of it.. finding it they encountered the reason WHY this place was unclaimed by any wizard.. Nymphs..

While not exactly hostile.. the nymphs were… very aggressive.. and proved to be a constant problem. Stan tried his best to keep them occupied, how ever he was only one man and the three nymphs that had pounced him left one by one, all aggressively focusing on the poor Changeling, Eve.

Eve did well for a time.. having a profound amount of concentration.. though even her well practiced arcane mind could do little to keep her mind off of the Five nymphs that finally pounced her..

and quite frankly what was supposed to be One day of meditation turned into a week of trying to meditate while five very experienced women of supernatural origins were constantly trying start an orgy.. and reliably succeeded…

the week went by in a blur, but neither stan nor eve can look each other straight in the eye again as a result.. Eve did how ever eventually manage to get eight hours of meditation done, after the nymphs grew bored of them.


XP Awarded by lisa