Garden Of Nature S Rage

Nothing has more fury than Mother Nature, and none embody this virtue more than Frenzy-the very darkest and most savage part of Matra. Learned men are no stranger to The Heart of Frenzy, but have retained sanity to tell of what secrets she whispers. It is held that somewhere, possibly in deep in The Thostean Cradle, or perhaps on that Isle of The Mighty, or maybe in The Raging Jungles of Heaven's Tear or in The Jungle of Hydra is a garden that is a wellspring for the raw, unknowable power of nature. It is the naked face of aggression, the raw unyielding demand that is life. The land is an magically unmappable wilderness populated by savage species, the majority of which are dire animals-though many are true behemoths, beasts bloated to Brobdingnagian proportions. A druid, and only a druid who makes a pilgrimage to this place and survives for seven days and seven nights without harming a single creature shall be granted the might of Nature's Rage for a year's time. In animal or elemental form they will appear distinctly feral and twisted, and in human shape their eyes will light with visible power that strikes men with primal fear. This power is utterly savage without honor or compassion, but it is not truly evil. However as well know, in sapient beings, anger leads to hatred.