Aliases: None
Age: 18
Hair: Silver-Gray over body, Jet black mane
Eyes: Golden Yellow
Height: 7.5 ft
Weight: 280 lbs
Race: Wolfen Beastfolk
Class: Fighter 7
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Level: 7
Experience: 25,009
Hit Points: 98/98
Gold: 4,765g 8c
Current Status: Active
Played by Scaly

This massive wolfen male is a wall of fur, muscle and steel. To judge him by his gear, he has chosen to live by the strength of his arms and the grit of his guts, but his gleaming yellow eyes betray a feral cunning and savage intellect that mark him as far more than a simple blademark or sellsword. Living up to his kind's dire reputation, one is as likely to receive a growl of acknowledgment as a word of greeting past his sharp fangs on first approaching him. Those familiar with the wolfen, however, will recognize the expression he often wears that people on the street take as a sneer to actually be a wolfish smile.

His gear is well cared for, his armor having carefully been handpainted to a glossy black that matches the thick well groomed mane about his head and neck. The color of his pelt lightens to a silvery gray, from his neck to his paws. His growling laugh exposes a mouth full of sharp finely formed teeth unbroken by time or battlefield mishap, and given the bravery to look for long enough, a viewer would eventually catch sight of a large lidded stein chained to his belt opposite of the oversized bastard sword he wears at his right hip. The most brightly colored object on his frame, aside from his alert eyes, is the dark royal blue cloak he wears at his back, which keeps his long haired silvery tail from the reach of children who do not know better than to yank in curiosity.