DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Naeyla, level 1 human swashbuckler
Lillith, level 2 human duskblade
Tialys, level 3 high elf sorcerer
Guaron, level 3 wolfen fighter
Mordred, level 3 human sorcerer/cleric

3 rust monsters (CR 3 each, CR 6 total)
Spitting gear trap (CR 1)

600 xp for each.

690 gp for each
Masterwork weapon of the character's choice, for each character.

Quest Summary:
What is it with the recent spate of sabotage? Somebody slipped a trio of rust monsters into the Forgetown gear works in the dwarven-controlled area of Avalon's Undercity, and they were eating the place around the dwarves! So the party was called upon to bring in the dangerous pests, before they dealt any more damage! The party chased through the dangerous, grinding gears of the back areas of Forgetown, hunting down the rust monsters, and killing them before they were able to do any more serious damage. In fact, they did so with such speed, that they all got a bonus of a dwarfmade masterwork weapon each.