Get Started Guide

First off, make sure you've swung by the Irc channel (Read the IRC Guide if you don't know how) and gotten the password from them so you can officially join the site. This will allow you to create a page for your character.

Begin by copying one of these two templates into a text file, or else adding it as a new page to the site, using your character's name as the name of the page:

Character Template 1
Character Template 2

After you have your character sheet up, and have filled in some of the basics, you should consider the following character building information as you craft your new character:

8 points in all stats, 36 point 1:1 buy (18 max). Then add/subtract racial modifications.


Once you have the basics of your character decided, then you should select your feats and other abilities, filling them in on your character page in the appropriate section.

Heroic Abilities

All characters have maximum Hit Points each Level, with the character's Constitution bonus added on top as normal.

Now it is time to start buying stuff!

All characters have 250 starting gold.
Equipment lists the things you can buy with your money.
Basic Adventuring Package - An itemized list of various useful non-combat equipment.

Once you have purchased equipment, it's very important that you also have a picture (or a reasonably detailed description, since suitable pictures can be hard to find). Besides some means to show what your character looks like, you NEED a background. It doesn't need to be elaborate - a paragraph will do - but you need to put some thought into it. Some questions that can be answered in the background include:
Where was my character born? Check Setting Information for geography and background of Therafim to help with this.
Are my character's parents still alive?
Do I have any siblings?
What did my character want to be growing up?
How did my character become what he or she is?
Additional helps for filling out these descriptive parts of your character sheet can be found on the Character-Building Resources page.

Please, think about these things. Your character will not be approved without a background and a description/picture (picture preferred, ask in channel, people LOVE looking for pictures and will help you). Also feel free to ask for help in making your background. Most character ideas are possible, though some will require some minor tweaking to fit into the world of Therafim.

Additional information and rules that you should know:

Channel List
House Rules
Gaining Experience
Experience and REP Tallies
Roleplaying Guide

There is also a set of useful resources that can be found through the following link:

Character-Building Resources