Ghost War Avalon Strikes Back

DM Name:

Myr, Level 6, Changeling, Battle Sorcerer
Mythiv Rallistance, Level 8, Human, Warlock/Battle Sorcerer
Shiari, Level 7, Beastfolk (Large Cat), Ranger/Deepwood Sniper
Az Ur, Level 6, Changeling, Druid
Rosalyn Aglaie, ECL 7, Half-Fae Human, Cleric

1, Ettin Abomination, CR 9
1, Bloodfire Ooze, Cr 7
1, Half Dragon Zombie Large Shark, CR 4

Myr: 1620
Mythiv Rallistance: 1040
Shiari: 1260
Az Ur: 1620
Rosalyn Aglaie: 1260

Character Name: Gold/Items, description/amount
Myr: 2050 gold gold
Mythiv Rallistance: 800 gold, Type I Bag of Holding
Shiari: 2050 gold
Az Ur: 2050 gold
Rosalyn Aglaie: 2050 gold

Quest Summary:
Avalon had finally finished planning an operation to strike back at the ghost army occupying its southern territory. Many squads of adventurers were hired to head out into the undead controlled lands and spend a week making raids against their forces and wiping out as many of the undead as they could manage. The goal was to flush the undead out.

This particular squad managed to track down one of the strange part undead beings the ghost army was becoming famous for who had a little surprise in store for the party as he unleashed an ooze from inside a bag of holding and called a Flying zombie shark in from the woods to assist.

The Shark was the first to perish, evaporating by the healing energies that flow so freely from Rosalyn, and the ettin was soon to follow, trying to grab his magic bag and run but not having the time to spare. The ooze put up a valiant fight, Az ur's fleshraker companion nearly perishing, but it was not able to cope with the generous healing of Rosalyn and soon perished as well to the combined might of the party.

Only a few days into their mission, they returned to the road to continue their task only to discover the undead forces were on the march and heading their way! Not wanting to engage the entire ghost army by themselves, they returned to avalon in haste to warn them of the armies approach, describing foul necromantic siege engines leading the way.

Rep and Xp awarded by Hopey