Ghost War Fortifying the City

Ghost War Fortifying the City

DM Name: Videospirit

Gram Chandler, Level 6, Beastfolk(Small Rodent), Rogue/Paladin
Shiari, Level 6 , Beastfolk (Large Cat), Ranger/Deepwood Sniper
Mythiv Rallistance, Level 7, Human, Warlock
Voss, Level 6, Duergar, Beguiler
Cordy Level 7, Elf, Cloistered Cleric/Divine Oracle

Dark tentacles, CR 7
1 14HD Zombie CR 1 (Reduced CR because it was unable to reach the party due to terrain)
2 4HD Zombies CR 1
1 6 HD Zombie CR 2
2 8 HD Zombies CR 3

Character Name: Experience
Gram Chandler: 1050
Shiari: 1050
Voss: 1050
Cordy: 848
Mythiv Rallistance: 848

Character Name:
Gram Chandler: 1567, Lesser Crystal of Acid Assault, Least Crystal of True Death
Shiari: 1567, +1 Mighty[+3] Composite Longbow, Lesser Crystal of Acid Assault
Voss: 1567, Headband of intellect +2
Cordy: 1567, Phylactery of Undead Turning
Mythiv Rallistance: 1567, Chausible of Fell Power

Quest Summary:
The city began to fear the undead might attempt an invasion through the city's waterways and had begun fortifying the sewers. All engineers, escorted by members of the city guard, who'd headed to one section of sewer had never returned, so the party was sent down to make sure the area in need of fortification was clear.

Here they encountered a 36 tentacled abberation that would have crushed mythiv if it wasn't for Cordy's divine boon. It also was the cause of the engineers demise. They picked up a few trinkets from the miners remains, and some more mundane goods that could be sold back in town and made their way to the sewer outflow. Here they found a Huge Zombie Croc had gotten stuck trying to slip into the city. It had been mostly inert, with no life coming close, but after it saw the party it began writhing and would have freed itself in minutes if Mythiv hadn't put it out of its misery. It exploded in a blast of negative energy, clearing the way for several smaller zombie marine animals to make their way inside.

The party stopped them, but there was no way to tell how many zombies had gotten into the sewers before the Croc blocked the passage.

At least no more will be coming through now that the city's grated it off.

XP and REP awarded via new guidelines by Lisa