Ghost War Troll Raid

DM Name:

Lloyd Mute, Level 4, Human, Battle Sorcerer
Az Ur, Level 6, Changeling, Druid with Fleshraker Companion
Voss, Level 6, Deurgar, Beguiler
Sihak, Level 8, Beastfolk(Wolfen), barbarian/runescarred berserker | Note, recieved 7 con drain during the quest

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
1, Wraith, Cr 5
4, Shadows, CR 3
1, Troll Abomination, CR 8

Lloyd Mute: 2400
Az Ur: 1800
Voss: 1800
Sihak: 1200

Lloyd Mute: 2500 gold, Masterwork Dastana
Az Ur: 2500 gold, 1st level memento magica
Voss: 2500 gold, 1st level memento magica
Sihak: 2500 gold, Phylactery of Faithfulness

Quest Summary:
4 adventurers had been going about their day when the watch at the east gate sent up a flair indicating the gate was under attack. When the adventurers arrived they found the men who had been guarding it slaughtered, one of them held tight by a net with a strange pearl lodged into his chest. As they were investigating the corpse a Wraith spawned from it as the magical pearl dissolved and Voss and Sihak struggled against its touch, Sihak having a large chunk of his life force ripped out of him before they felled the creature.

The skilled nose of Az ur's fleshraker companion and magics allowing him to speak with the creature revealed two strange entities had split up after murdering the guards each heading for one of avalon's two primary markets. Sihak, feeling Merchant's lane served the majority of the citizens led the way there in order to stop whatever beast was responsible.

Upon arriving they found a troll had used another device to call forth a shadow under its control and was using the undead to convert captured merchants into more shadows, likely going to build a sizable force right in the middle of the city.

The party found the undead indominable, no matter how much damage they did to the beast, it kept on ticking, only seeming truly bothered by sihak's axe and the fire magic imbued in it. Eventually Az ur infused his companions venom with a powerful acidic enchantment and it destroyed most of the trolls bravado. As the troll tried to flee Sihak struck it one last time and brought it down.

the party was roaring and ready to head to emerald way and finish off the troll's companion but the guard arrived to inform them they had managed to handle the situation. The upper class private guards had come to the watch' assistance and they quickly realized that fire was the best way to handle the troll. The parties efforts had stopped the troll from building up a sizable shadow force before they could arrive however, and they were rewarded for coming to avalon's defense.

Many citizens lost their lives this day, and the ghost army only lost two troll abominations and a strange necromantic ooze. The city has finished waiting around for the undead to strike, they are now ready to go on the offensive.

XP and REP Awarded By Scathien