Giant's Pets

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Silya, level 3 human knight (dropped out)
Inara, level 1 human paladin
Krugash, level 1 grey orc druid
Colt level 2 beastfolk fighter
Crank, level 6 warforged monk
Dahlia, level 1 human paladin

3 giant hamsters - CR 6 total
1 ettin - CR 6

360 xp for Crank
540 xp for all others

1,200 gp for each
Faulty belt of Masculinity/Femininity for Colt (looked like Belt of Strength)

Quest Summary:
Andersen, one of the towns around Avalon City, had a serious problem: the Scourge, a horror that came by night to devour their crops, just when they needed them most. The party came to do battle with the Scourge…only to discover that it was a pack of ravenous giant hamsters and their ettin owner, who was letting them feed on the local crops to save himself effort. Besting the ettin and his pets, the party captured the giant's horde, as well as collected a hefty reward for their efforts.