Gila Kingdom

One of the few relatively safe havens for the xi-coatl on Therafim, where they only have to contend with occasional raids from the Underdark realm of Ababanissi, and with a few dangerous creatures living within their borders, Gila Kingdom is a lush semi-tropical paradise on the southern end of the Shield Ridge mountains, where the mountains catch the north-blowing, moisture-rich winds, and cause them to rain down amply on the Kingdom. Here the xi-coatl, civilized and good-aligned lizardfolk, live in relative peace in a mostly self-contained society. However, self-contained does not mean isolated, and the xi-coatl often trade with the tribes of the Serewind Plains, and with the cities of the Coutraman Confederacy.

Major Races: Beastfolk (xi-coatl), elves.

Government: Enlightened Terratarchy ("rule by monster," in this case an ancient and wise coatl, ostensibly the oldest coatl alive).

Nation Alignment: Neutral Good.

Major Cities:
Sierra Verde: Sierra Verde is a city in a lush valley near the middle of the southeastern side of Shield Ridge, nestled securely with mountains on all sides, acting as stalwart natural defenses for this great city, a center of many vast, square-topped pyramids, and the home of the ancient, immortal, nameless coatl that first founded the xi-coatl, helping them rise from the barbarism of lizardfolk into enlightenment. As a tropical paradise, the xi-coatl understand the value of strong defense to preserve their way of life, but they seldom have to worry about where food comes from, or about shelter, thanks to the industry that they put into maintaining their city, and building it up to house the next generation.

Atrius: On the northern end of Shield Ridge, Atrius is the doorway city, where the xi-coatl do most of their trading with other races. This city is also well-fortified, with high walls to keep out the many raiding tribes and outlaws of the Serewind Plains, and also from the Shield Ridge Underdark.

Lanxotl: A more trade-oriented city near the eastern coast of Cargando, Lanxotl is also where the elves that also live in the region interact and sometimes live side by side with the xi-coatl. This place is known for having some of the most exquisite work in turquoise and silver on Therafim, and is a source of high-quality stone and lumber (the latter in carefully-controlled quantities, of course). Lanxotl is also noted for having occasional troubles with large predators, such as the occasional carnivorous dinosaur or dire animal, but its skilled elven archers and xi-coatl spear warriors are usually able to handle most such situations.