Githyanki Raid

DM: Dallys


Jaquen, Level 1 Human Beguiler
Zahara, Level 1 Beastfolk Healer
Talesti, Level 1 Beastfolk Druid
Krugash, Level 3 Gray Orc Druid
Inara, Level 2 Human Paladin
Liliana, Level 2 Human Psion
Kiefer, Level 2 Beastfolk Barbarian

9 Githyanki (Level 1 Warrior, CR 1)
3 Githyanki Fighters (Level 3 Fighter, CR 4)

965 For each participant.

1285 Gold pieces for each participant.


The party answered the distressed call of an injured farmer. When they arrived at his home, they found the village being raided by an extraplanar Menace. They were unable to keep the Githyanki leader from stealing a trinket and slaying the town sheriff, however they successfully repelled the invasion before the town was damaged beyond the point of repair, and even managed to save the life of an innocent child in the process. They were also able to collect the various coins and trinkets off of the dead invaders to manage themselves a decent reward.