Gnollin Dirty

Gnollin Dirty

DM Name: King_Jack (RedbearDM)

Badger: Human, Rogue 1
Damiana: Beastfolk, Ardent 1
Kevarl: Beastfolk, Sorcerer 2
Nechtan: Dwarf, Barbarian 1

4 Gnolls
1 Flind Gnoll
Good Roleplay and character devolpment as well as problem solving and tactics.

700 exp for all but Nechtan(Who Died Gloriously).

Badger: Masterwork dastana(Emblazoned with a stylized key) and a masterwork Rapier
Damiana: Masterwork dastana(Emblazoned with a stylized key) and a masterwork Heavy Crossbow
Kevarl: Masterwork dastana(Emblazoned with a stylized key) and and a masterwork Morningstar
200 GP each for the six severed Gnoll heads turned in.

Plot Summary

An advertisement for a Gnoll culling is posted on the Work-Wall and announced by a crier. An order of culling has been approved by the city. Recently, packs of gnoll raiders have made lairs in many of the caves throughout nearby Tenebrous Forest. Their bold and savage attacks on caravans, outlying settlements, and slave-taking has finally caught the eye of Avalon's magistrate. Our heroes gather and pluck the notice from the board, as more experienced adventurers scoff at such easy work. Acquiring the necessary paperwork at the magistrates, the party is christend "The Motley Crewe" and is are wished luck by the elderly scholar.

After a light supper, and tactics discussion the champions make their way under cover of night into the Tenebrous forest, and being their trek through the shadowed hills. Through the superior learning of Damiana, the party is able to find a Gnoll cave. Though some members chose stealth, the death-sworn dwarf, and the sorcerous Kevarl bravely moved to the mouth of the garbage strewn lair. At the barbarous taunts of the dwarf, the gnoll raiders stirred, and boiled out of their cavernous lair to attack! With shield and axe they charged into the fray, while others hung back to fire harrying arrows at the obvious combatants. With clever guile, the "Badger" fired a flaming arrow into the detritus and refuse at the cave entrance, providing a guttering illumination. With guile and stealth the beastfolk Ardent and the human rogue snuck closer to deliver their unexpected attacks. The party battled on, and just as they seemed to be gaining the upper hand, the Flind Gnoll appeared. The matriarch joined the fray, and the tables turned for our brave heroes. One by one they fell to the relentless axework of the vicious hyenafolk. With an epic effort and a throw admired by the gods of war, the "Badger" hurled one of his spears into, and through the Gnoll Matriarch's breast and back. Impaling and extricating her still beating heart on the tip of his broad-bladed speartip.

Wounded and weary, the final two traded blow after bloody blow until both succumbed to blood loss and shock, falling unconscious. A mysterious figure in white appeared, dispatching the unconcious gnoll, and giving succor to the brave Badger, who had truly earned his nickname that day for tenacious and stubborn action in the face of danger and death. Weary, wounded, and mournful of their stout dwarven comrade who found his end the jagged edge of a gnollish battleaxe, the group of heroes returned to Avalon with a grisly proof of the deeds done that ill-omened night. Rewarded in coin and pressed gifts for their dauntless heroism and risk-taking, the "Motley Crewe" take a much deserved rest. Their exceptional tale already a popular bardic poem sung and recited in taverns across the sprawling cityscape.