Gnollin Dirty 2

Gnollin Dirty 2

DM Name: King_Jack (RedbearDM)

Aeschwine: Beastfolk Barbarian 3 [DIED]
Badger: Human Rogue 1
Darya: Half-Orc Paladin 1 [DIED]
Kevarl: Beastfolk Sorcerer 2 Draconic 2

3 Flind Gnolls
1 Dire Hyena
Roleplay, tactics discussion, and planning.

Experience Gained!:
966 each

Treasure Awarded!:
Badger: Brute Gauntlets (MiC pg83)
Kevarl: Healing Belt(MiC pg112), Arcanist Gloves(MiC pg72)
1000gp for severed gnoll heads turned in as well as the head of the Dire Hyena.

Quest Summary:

Wanting to make good on their contract for gnoll culling, before the no-competition clause decayed, the band of adventurers known as the "Motley Crewe" recruited a likely pair of toughs at the Arcadia, signed them to their charter, and made their way back to the Tenebrous Forest. After a long wait in ambus, the heroes instead endeavored to hunt down another gnoll lair, and put the evil humanoids to the sword.

Succesful in their search, the group arranged a crude skirmish before luring the gnolls out. To the shock and chagrin of the Motley Crewe, three Flind Matriarchs trailing a ravenous dire hyena exited the tunnels below and give quick and bloody battle to them. The pure and good Darya was the first to fall, her life cut cruelly short by a single snap of the fel hound's mighty jaws. As the group desperately battled on, the witchy flind healed the beast, even as the barbarian's axe tore great bloody furrows in its dappled hide. With arrow and spell, one of the flind fell, before joining combat, but the remaining two we heartier.

Swearing vengeance they mauled the mighty Aeschwine soon after his massive axe claimed the life of their Dire Hyena pet. As they Flind made a mad dash to catch and batter at the retreating sorcerer, an arrow to the back stole another Flind from the evil machinations of the Gnollish Raiders. Dancing away from the heavy flindbar the female attacked him with, Kevarl landed one last spell and ended the terrible melee. Quickly taking their bounty of heads, and loot, the mournful heroes carried their fallen comrades back to Avalon to see to their disposition and grief.