Gnomish Manglers

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Hope, level 2 avariel beguiler
Lord Helsbeth, level 1 human hexblade
O-rin, level 1 human bard
Shelindria, level 4 half-drow shadowcaster
Roka, level 1 foxkin ranger
Isycar Stormrider, level 1 human fighter

3 Medium animated objects (CR 2 each, CR 5 total) - the threader/needler, roller, and stretcher/folder machines.

Shelindria: 267 xp
All others: 300 xp

400 gp for each
Small carved green jade figurine of Garl Glittergold's top hat (300 gp value)
Golden comb in the shape of a dragon (300 gp)
Golden comb in the shape of a long-tailed pheasant (300 gp)
Choice of Everfull Mug, masterwork chain shirt, darkwood shield, or potion of invisibility for those who do not take one of the two items above.

Quest Summary:
The saboteur has struck again! After the assaults that resulted in acid sharks nearly contaminating the city water, rust monsters dealing damage to a dwarven furnaces, and an undead-spawning worm almost eating the base of an elven holy tree, it seems only natural that the gnomes would be next in line, as several of the magically-animated machines in a major gnomish textile factory suddenly turned hostile! Somehow tampered with magically, they were now trying to kill people, instead of making clothes. The party was called in to deal with the danger, and though they almost ended up being sucked into the machinery in the process, they managed to survive, subduing the wayward devices.