Goblin Adventurers

Goblin Adventurers

DM Name: Videospirit

Name, Level, Race, Class
Zamiera, Level 4, Wolfen, Druid
Yae Saryu, Level 2, Warblade, Human
miyako, Level 1, human, Rogue(Only there for commoners and worg)
Conall, Level 1, Human, Bard (Joined after the wraith)
Satin, Level 5, beastfolk Soulknife/Illithid Slayer (Joined halfway through the wraith, half share of xp)
Kamarr(Nikolai persona), Level 1, Changeling, Shadowcaster (Missed the Wraith)

Number, Creature/Trap/Encounter, CR
4 Goblin Commoners, CR 1/3 each
1 Wraith, CR 5
1 Worg, Cr 2
4 Goblin Adventurers, CR 3 each

Character Name: Experience
Zamiera: 1480
Yae Saryu: 1640
miyako: 200
Conall: 820
Satin: 984
Kamarr(Nikolai personal): 920

Character Name: Gold/Items, description/amount
Zamiera: 1700.2 gold, Holy Symbol of Natural Armour +1 (2000gp), Incense of Concentration (250gp), Incense of Meditation(Really Incense of Obsession) (200gp), Divine scroll of protection from energy (375gp), Wand of Cure light wounds(10 charges left) (150gp), Ornate wooden lock box with key(50gp), Red Garnet(140gp)

Yae Saryu: 1890.2 gold, Potion of Barkskin +3 (300gp), potion of Eagle's Splendour (150gp), 1 potion of enlarge person (25gp), Everlasting Rations(175gp)

Miyako: 1 potion of cure light wounds(50gp)

Conall: 604.2, gold Jade(130gp) Potion of Cure Light wounds (50)

Satin: 1232.2 gold, small Masterwork Plated Leather(2150gp), Gauntlets of Ogre Strength +2 (4000gp), Bloodstone(80gp)

Kamarr(Nikolai): 674.2 gold, potion of cure light wounds (50gp), Arcane Scroll of Fireball (375gp), Wand of magic missile(10 charges left) (150gp), potion of mage armour(50gp), Masterwork Dagger(302gp), Citrine(60gp)

Coins from goblin camp: 2700gp

Coins from Adventurers: 2760gp

Sold Equipment: small flail(8gp), small greatsword(50gp), 3 small chain-shirts(100gp each) 2 small daggers(2gp each), Incense of Obsession(Correctly identified)(200gp)

Sold Trade Goods: blue quartz(70gp) carnelian(70gp), coral saucer(110gp), tourmaline(110gp)

Quest Summary:
The adventurers had gone to a small town seeking aid with a rampaging Dire Bear. Unfortunately another adventuring party had solved the problem before they arrived. They did hear rumours of goblins causing trouble at a crypt nearby and went to investigate in the hopes of relieving the goblins of their treasure.

The sun was setting as they approached and a disgruntled wraith decided to waste no time picking on the goblins camping outside the crypt as soon as it did. The adventurers arrived and fought a gruelling match of attrition against the wraith after removing the goblins to prevent it from animating their souls as reinforcements. Yae bravely slit his own throat to prevent the wraith from animating him as well, but thanks to the timely intervention of the soul knife Satin, Zamiera and her were able to defeat the wraith and bring Yae back from the brink of death.

They ventured inside the crypt, which appeared to have been looted centuries ago and made their way deep inside to where a worg was hiding, not wanting to proceed forward due to the inability to climb back out of the hole on his own power. When the adventurers arrived he took the plunge in order to warn his allies, but Zamiera's animal companion Izkar was too fast for him and tore him to shreds.

The party found themselves in an ancient goblin crypt that the crypt above had been built on top of. The murals on the wall depicted the often fantastical exploits of a goblin cleric of Tiamat named Socks. Up to his retreat from his home country and eventual entombment in a foreign land. Upon arriving at the sarcophagus within which his body laid the party was faced with a rather skilled opponent, a party of goblin adventurers who'd heard tales of the great Socks and sought his power for their own.

The party claimed victory, but it seemed the great sock's exploits were at least a bit exaggerated, and the Goblins did not receive any significant extra power from claiming his magic holy symbol.