Goblin Heist

DM: Dallys


Tialys, Level 1 Elven Sorcerer
Galen, Level 1 Human Monk
Gauron, Level 1 Beastfolk Fighter
Ziyanani, Level 1 Beastfolk Psychic Rogue
Echo, Level 3 Human Fighter/Warblade

6 Goblins (CR 1/3)
1 Goblin Rogue (CR 3)
1 Bugbear (CR 2)
1 Worg (CR 2)

XP Reward
540 xp for each participant

Treasure Reward
600 Gold worth of jewelry for each participant


After hearing a combat happening outside of the Arcadia Inn, the party gets into a heated chase with a goblin. The goblin leads them into an ambush, forcing them to fight a small raiding party while the goblin thief attempts to escape. Tialys and Gauron manage to thwart the escape as Echo and Galen knock the thief into unconsciousness. A worg takes down Tialys and threatens to kill her if he doesn't get the item he wants. Ziyanani attempts to fool the worg, but the beast's sense of sight is too great, and just before Tialys dies, the Bugbear betrays his companions and kill the worg. In thanks, the party allows the Bugbear to take his goblin and escape. Ziyanani returns to brooch to the town guard, and soon each member of the party recieves a token of gratitude from the owner, in the form of a piece of jewelry worth 600 gold pieces each!