Goblin Slavers

DM: Jennibear

Elorelai, level 1 beastfolk Hexblade
Mordred, level 2 Human sorcerer1/cleric1
Kayrel, level 4 beastfolk Cloistered Cleric
Liliana, Level 3 human Psion

6 goblins (cl2)
1 goblin fighter (cl1)
1 Goblin rogue (cl1)
1 Goblin Cleric (cl1)
3 goblins (cl1)
1 Orc barbarian, level 2 (cl2)

XP Awarded
600 each

Treasure Rewarded
937 gold and 5 silver each


Answering a call for help to a small city under seige by a band of goblins lead by a vicious orc that had been raiding, taking money, food and women folk, the heros arrived at dusk, attempted negotiation with the hostile goblins failed, leading to a bloodbath in the city square. The heros then followed a local to the cave of the orc, dispatching the mad creature and the remainder of his little band, returning half a dozen abducted women to thier homes.