Goblin Warrens

DM Name: Theron

<Nyx`Argyris> Level 2 Cleric/Warlock, Drow
Lily, level 2 monk, large canine beastfolk
Serenity, Level 1 Wilder, Human
<Shelindria>, level 1 Shadowcaster Half elf/Half Drow

Hobgoblin Squad Captain, Fighter3, CR3
7 Goblin Skirmishers, Fighter1, CR1

750 xp for all + 100 XP bonus for not slaying the Blue in the pit.

900 gp each.

Quest Summary:

The party was collected to track down the last of the missing crates of Commerce Guild merchandise from the Wharf District Sahuagin heist in Mrrrgrrrgrrrgrrrglll The final crate had been traded to a goblinoid warband led by a Hobgoblin Captain.

The party came to the sinkhole the Gobbos were using as a depot and quickly dispatched the three guards, but not before the single attentive Goblin there was able to ring the alarm bell and summon the Hobgoblin and 4 other Goblins who were out on patrol. The battle was fierce and pitched, but the PCs ultimately prevailed after getting their noses bloodied by the Hobbos' close combat tactics.

Upon the conclusion of the battle, the party discovered a Goblin Blue by the name of Pimgib the Mighty who had been waylaid by his brutish kin and tossed into the well after being stripped of his belongings. The PCs let him out of the pit, and he accompanied them back to "Fabled Avalon" to seek out a greater place in life than that given to goblins in the rural country and wildlands.

The Commerce Guild was relieved to have the last of the cargo back in hand and paid the party handsomely.