Goblins and Spiders

DM Name: TiberiumKnight

Chauncey, Human, Level 1 Soulknife
Zhelen, Human, Level 1 Hexblade
Ambroas, Human, Level 1 Warblade
Samantha, Tiefling, Level 1 Psychic Rogue
Kamarr, Changeling, Level 3 Shadow Caster

8 CR 1/3 Goblins
1 CR 1 1st level Fighter Goblin
1 CR 2 Large Monstrous Spider

each character gains 420 experience.

Each character gains 50gp (all of the Art objects below are worth 100 gp)
Chauncey gains a Silver Chalice with fine artwork.
Zhelen gains a Small highly detailed wall tapestry with imagery of an unknown battle field.
Ambroas gains a Statuette of Ivory and Silver, depicting a warrior of some sort in armor with a great sword.
Samantha gains a Small golden bracelet with several Lapis Lazuli stones in it.
Kamarr gains a fine Ivory Mask with a Moon stone in the forehead.

Over View
The group was called out to investigate why a shipment did not get to its destination. On there little journey, it did not take long for them to encounter the caravan. Wheels broken, bodies gone, only blood and ransacked remains left, no corpses.

An initial battle started when the PCs found themselves surrounded by several goblins hiding up in the trees, taking advantage of there height to rain arrows on the people. After several of the goblins were taken down, but not without wounding a party member or two, the last ones ran off from the fight, just as the Leader showed up.

A goblin wearing a breast plate, and wielding a Spear that gave him a bit of reach on the party, was not the worst of it. This goblin was mounted atop a Large Spider that even had its own Barding of leather armor.

Luckly the party was able to strike down these foes relatively quickly, the goblin leader's spider was the quickest to fall from two strikes, one from the group Warblade, the other from the group Hexblade. The goblin was enraged, but swinging wildly, soon losing his head in the conflict.

XP and REP awarded by Scathien