goblins in the goo

Goblins in the Goo

DM: Jennibear

Tristan Artan, Human Lv.1, Paladin of Sol Invictus
Nerylos, Lizardfolk, 2 ranger
Badger, Human, Rogue1/Scout1
Raydair, Elf, level 3, Rogue1/Cleric2


1 shrieking fungus ( cr 1 )
6 goblins ( cr 1 each )
1 gelatonious cube ( cr3 )

750 each

1100 each

Called to the small farming town of Meadowbrook the group was paid to sort out the goblin issue of the small community. Goblins had gained access to the storehouse that the village used to store its winters provisions - located in the basement of the elder of the villages home to add additional threat. The young man that showed them the way spoke of 'water that attempted to eat people' as well. In the tunnels the group found their way into the goblin warrens, killing most of the creatures dispite being wounded. One escaped and fled down the tunnel, omniously its screams stopped, prompting the noble adventureres to explore.

The lethal water attacked, turning out to be a gelationus cube which nearly managed to consume one of the part members before a well timed spear and bow brought it to a sticky and moist end, leaving our heros covered in goo to report back to town. After a bath they were fed and rewarded for their valor and even offered a ride back to Avalon.