Half-sunken into the land itself on the southeastern side of the Granite Mountains, Godscar is the remnant of the great drow city of the surface before they were banished to the depths for their unhallowed worship of the Spider Queen. As the drow scattered, some going into the Granite Mountains, others escaping across the ocean, a wide variety of savage humanoid tribes moved in to fill the gap left in the wake of the fleeing drow. The territory of Godscar has almost as much territory above ground as it does below, and so is used as a training ground for light-sensitive orcs, to harden them against the ravages of the sun, as well as a land where giants roam the dusty plains left in the wake of the vengeance of the gods, and many tribes of kobolds live in the few remaining jungles that lie along the southern coast, as well as a few humans who make up the Raelian Movement. As the major population center in Autumn Land for orcs and giants of all sorts, most raiding hordes of these races originate in Godscar, loosely organized under a strong tribal leader, and then sent out to pillage as much as possible before being driven back by sufficient resistance from other lands, most especially the Iron Throne, the Council of Wands, Thardruin, and, occasionally, the Freeholds.

Major Races: Orcs; kobolds; giants; miscellaneous outcasts.

Government: Tribal Anarchy

Nation Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Major Communities
Duskfall: The primary city of the drow before their banishment from the surface, Duskfall is located to the north and east of Icedagger Cape, and is literally half-sunk beneath the surface, one half of the city above the ground, while the other half extends into the Underdark. This city is ruled over by an evil cloud giant lich who was outcast by his own people for his study of necromancy, and the threat of this lich keeps most of the savage humanoids who come to Duskfall sufficiently in line that the city acts as an effective neutral ground for the region. Trading extensively with Shacklelock, Duskfall is the destination of most slaves before they are either sold to or bought from the neogi, depending on the fortunes of war and raiding. It is also where most plundered goods that are not kept are marketed, and the most unscrupulous mercenaries can be hired.

Rael: Named after its original founder, Rael is the center of the evil Raelian Movement, the largest organization of Ur Priests on Therafim. While the Raelians have many chapters all over the world, Rael is the center of their operations, located on the far southeastern coast of Godscar to allow it better access to the ocean, letting it spread its network of evil more effectively. Originally founded by heretic drow who rejected all gods after their people were cursed, the Raelians have since attracted many of all races. The savage humanoids of Godscar leave Rael strictly alone, as the place is known to be cursed, and its inhabitants extremely dangerous, as well as potentially mad.