Good Help Is Hard To Find (Round 1)

DM Name: Scathien (ScathienDM)


Name Level Class Race
Hussam Arbouqa 2 Wizard Human
Silk 5 Monk Beastfolk (Small cat)
Doc Holiday 3 Rogue (1)/Swashbuckler (2) Human
Tirzah Selah "Aria" 2 Bard Human


Round 1:

1 Human Officer, Level 5 Fighter (CR 5)
2 Human Swashbucklers, Level 3 (CR 3 Each)
1 Human Cleric, Level 2 (CR 2)


Hussam Arbouqa: 1,050 xp
Silk: 875 xp
Doc Holiday: 1,050 xp
Tirzah Selah: 1,050 xp


1,116 gp each

In addition:

Silk: A pet puppy (War Dog breed) and a bag of pet specific snacks
Tirzah Selah: A pet Sugar Glider and a bag of pet specific snacks
Hussam Arbouqa: A pet Owl and a bag of pet specific snacks

Quest Summary:

Our adventurers find themselves drawn to a tournament hosted in an arena rented out by a mysterious patron in a town near Avalon. Upon arriving the four locate the line to sign up and Silk, spotting a pair of familiar faces as described by her sister Satin from a previous adventure grows curious. The blind old man and his young mute daughter are signing up participants. With the four having signed up and assigned to be on the same team. Though the old man warned Silk about participating, said warning was ignored. Doc Holiday also attempted to slip a piece of paper with an… "invitation" to the young woman, only to be discovered by the blind old man who appears to be much more aware of his surroundings than his lack of sight would lead one to believe.

None the less, the four entered the preparation area and were asked a simple question by their attendant as they switched out their equipment for arena provided equipment instead. "If you could improve one aspect of yourself, what would it be?" After the group answered, the attendant left and returned with a Sugar Glider for Tirzah, an Owl for Hussan, and a puppy for Silk. Doc Holiday recieved no such animal, due to his profession that he "was perfect". Soon after, their group is called for the first round (having chosen the name "The Fearsome Four"), going up against a group known as "Haze Cyclone". After a long and hard fought battle, The Fearsome Four were victorious and had even pleased the crowd thanks to Silk's skilled combat abilities. Soon after, they were given leave to rest and recover from their fight.

Once they were healed up, they were given back their equipment and the pets they had recieved, as well as a prize package for completing the first round. They were then told when the second round would begin.. so all that was left now was to train and prepare for the next round…