Good Help Is Hard To Find (Round 2)

DM Name: Scathien (ScathienDM)


Name Character Level Class (Level)
Tirzah Selah "Aria" 3 Bard 3
Telsia 5 Mage 5
Silk 6 Monk 3/Psi Warrior 3
Raydair 5 Rogue 1/Cleric 4


1 Grey Render (CR 8)
1 Empowered Flesh Golem (Enhanced DR, Enhanced Dex, Increased HD) (CR 8)


Grey Render XP:

Silk: 900
Telsia: 1125
Raydair: 1125
Tirzah: 1350

Empowered Flesh Golem XP:

Silk: 1200
Telsia: 1500
Tirzah: 1800


Silk: 2100 xp
Telsia: 2625 xp
Tirzah: 3150 xp
Raydair: 1125 xp


5,100 gp to be divided among the party

5,100 gp to be divided between Silk, Telsia, and Tirzah for participating in the "bonus fight"

Bonus gifts:

Telsia: A pet bunny and a bag of pet specific snacks
Raydair: A pet elvish kitten and a bag of pet specific snacks

Quest Summary:

Tirzah and Silk recieve invitation letters to participate in round 2 of the tournament they joined earlier. While Hussan and Doc Holiday also recieved such invitations, they did not accept. Upon arrival, Silk had brought Telsia with her, and Raydair heard of the tournament and ended up joining as well as Telsia to replace the two missing team members. Telsia and Raydair were asked the same question that Silk and Tirzah answered the last time. Telsia wanted more intelligence, while Raydair wanted to be more caring.

While Silk filled in the others on information she learned about the mysterious sponsor between the events of round 1 and the current time, the attendant left to retrieve pets for Telsia and Raydair. He returned with a bunny for the bunnygirl which seemed quite inquisitive while Raydair received an elven cat that was quite affectionate. The pets left to be taken care of by the attendant, the four rose to the arena surface to face a monsterous, 9 foot tall, 4000 pound grey render. Thanks to an effective combination of psionic power and martial arts skills by Silk, Tirzah's music and spells, Telsia's destructive force, and Raydair's actions, the Grey Render fell to the four's assault.

The sponsor then gave the team a choice, they could leave now and leave the crowd wanting more excitement, or they could take on an additional challenge. Regardless of whichever they chose their place in the final round of the tournament was still assured regardless. When Silk gave the go ahead to face the addtional challenge… The Sponsor called for the arena attendants to bring forth one of his own personal creations… an empowered Flesh golem.

Raydair at this time chose to back out, leaving Tirzah, Silk, and Telsia to face the golem. It was a hard fought battle, but thanks to their combined efforts the creation was finally put down. They earned the sponsor's respect in that fight, and a little bonus money as well as the adoration of the crowd in addition to what they had won already by facing the Grey Render. Resting and recuperating in the staging area they retrieved the pets they left behind and made their way out, having to deal with the gathered crowd wanting to meet the victorious team and gather autographs in the process.

With what they have been through so far, who knows what they will face in the final round? What are the mysterious sponsor's plans for the winners? Perhaps these questions will be answered when next they meet…

Xp Awarded by Lisa