Guardians of Commerce

Quest Title: Guardians of Commerce

DM Name: Malcolmwrynn

Layla Merle, 3rd, Changeling, Wizard
Ailynn, 1st, Human, Barbarian
Brian Love, 2nd, Beastfolk(Surf Rider), Bard

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Number, Creature/Trap/Encounter, CR
1st: 3 Bugbears, (CR 2)
2nd: 2 Bugbears, (CR 2)
3rd: 1 Ogre, (CR 3)

Layla Merle: 1300 XP
Ailynn: 1300 XP
Brian Love: 1300 XP

Layla Merle: 1500 GP
Ailynn: 1500 GP
Brian Love: 1500 GP

Quest Summary:
Layla, Brian and Ailynn responded to a request for help…a duergar merchant was opening up shop in town, and had received warning that certain undesirable elements were going to try and intercept his wagon to steal his wares for themselves. The adventurers came and put a stop to the attempted robbery, going above and beyond the call of the contract, which couldn't have anticipated nearly a half dozen bugbears and an ogre being the source of the threat.

EXP awarded by Jennibear